Perstorp Focused
Innovation Challenge

Help us shape the future with
Capa™ Thermoplastics

The competition ends in XX days

The competition is now closed. We want to thank the 337 participants, from 62 countries, for joining and making the competition a success. The finalists have been informed of their standing, but the names and details of the finalist submissions will not be publicly announced until a later date.

What will be the most pressing challenge facing society in the next 40 years?

We live in a rapidly changing world. With change comes challenges for us as humans, and for our planet. However, with change also comes possibilities.

Perstorp, world leader in the speciality chemicals market, wants to celebrate the 40th anniversary of its Capa™ Thermoplastics technology together with you. Innovators worldwide are invited to Identify a challenge you think could arise in the next coming 40 years and build a solution with the help of this simple, but unique plastic material.

Everything you need to know about Perstorp's Capa™ Thermoplastics to help solve your future challenge:

  • Unique plastic material
  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Stiff
  • Moldable at 60°C
  • Reheat and reshape over and over again
  • Biodegradable

Read more about Capa™ Thermoplastics here and watch the video here!


Open to university students and professionals worldwide that want to make their mark on the future. Participants can enter individually or in teams of two.


First Prize

  • The winner will present their submission at K-Fair, the world’s largest plastics convention, in October 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany; entrance fee, travel and accommodation to be paid by Perstorp
  • A personal senior Perstorp mentor for one year
  • Cash prize 40 000 SEK (approx. 4 300 Euro)

3 Finalist Prizes

  • Three finalists will present their concepts to the jury and to Perstorp senior management, in March 2016; travel and accommodation to be paid by Perstorp
  • All three finalists will receive Capa™ material for prototyping
  • Support from Perstorp senior experts until a winner is chosen

How to compete

  • Register

    Get access to detailed instructions
  • Design

    Identify a problem of the future and innovate a solution using Capa™ Thermoplastics technology
  • Submit

    Submit your innovation -
    a description of the problem and an image of your idea by Dec. 2, 2015
  • Develop

    Finalists develop their concept with the help of Perstorp experts
  • Win

    The winner will present their submission at the world’s biggest plastics convention